Understanding How to Save Money

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We often hear the same basic advice when the subject of how to save money comes up in conversation: “Either spend less money, or make more.”

Unfortunately, for most of us it’s just not that simple.

In fact, many of us don’t even understand where our money is going, until we begin to fully analyze our finances to discover our money drains. Only then can we hope to change our habits to save money without going broke or losing the things we have.

It bears repeating, then, that until you know where your money’s being spent, you’ll have little success knowing how much you can save and where the money’s going to come from.

In the video below, you’ll understand the importance of creating a personal budget and writing down each and every expense you incur each month. It’s sage advice for getting a handle on how to save money and still live within your means.

Watch and listen below!

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