Money Management Worksheet

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Do you know where your money’s going these days? Does it seem to disappear as fast as you can make it? You’re not alone.

Millions of people spend money just as quickly as they earn it, never really knowing how it’s being spent. That is, until it comes time to figure out why your bank balance is so low at the end of the month!

Most of the time, minor adjustments are all that’s necessary to get your budget and your finances back in shape.

One basic law of finance is that to balance your cash flow you either need to make more or spend less. The key is to ask yourself the right questions so you know what needs trimming and what needs more funding to balance the scale of expenses to income.

To help this process, we have a simple worksheet for you that will help formulate a plan to manage your money effortlessly.

This money management worksheet helps you see, in black and white, if you’re making more than your spending, and if not, what to do to fix it.

You can download the worksheet from here to get started right away.

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