Setting and Achieving Personal Financial Goals

Having personal financial goals, like having goals in any area of your life, is a proven road to success. One of the keys to living a fulfilling life is knowing where you’re going – financially, spiritually, and emotionally. Having realistic … Continue reading

Track Expenses for Better Financial Freedom

Track Expenses Have you experienced this scenario before? Your bills are all paid, you’ve spent a little cash on a few things, then suddenly, at the end of the month, you find yourself in a deep financial rut with no … Continue reading

Improve Your Financial Outlook by Uncovering Money Drains

When you’ve reached the end of the month and all your bills are paid, do you often wonder where all your hard earned money went? Improving your financial outlook can be as easy as uncovering your money drains to make … Continue reading

Financial Plans for Keeping on Track at Year-End

At year’s end, many people think of parties as a means of celebrating accomplishments, blessings, and, hopefully, a healthy dose of good fortune. There are other important issues, though, that are worth considering with respect to your finances. Year-end is … Continue reading

How to Create and Use a Budget

Even if you’re living comfortably at the moment and the economy is good, it’s always a good idea to create and use a budget to manage your money. Budgeting – it’s a word that makes some people cringe. Some of … Continue reading